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We offer in-person, virtual, & hybrid services

Our most-requested service involves a comprehensive assessment of where your organization is on its DEI journey & development of a strategic plan to make transformative change.


This service equips clients with key insights into their organization's culture revealed by survey data & analysis, identifies areas of excellence & improvement, & provides actionable recommendations.

Follow-up assessments can be conducted as requested.

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DEI Assessment & Strategy Development

This service will help identify where your organization is on its DEI journey & provide actionable recommendations you can implement to make impactful & measurable change.

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Educational Workshops & Trainings

This service offers interactive learning opportunities that help participants recognize & address their personal biases to foster a culture of respect & inclusivity within their workplace or classroom.

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Policy Evaluation & Improvement

This service provides expert guidance on assessing & improving your policies to remove systemic barriers so that everyone can thrive.

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Program Development & Implementation

This service uses research-driven methodologies to assist in creating & executing DEI-focused initiatives & programs.

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Public Relations & Outreach Strategy

This service maximizes your communications to best reach your intended audience through accessible digital content creation, inclusive language, & targeted outreach & engagement strategies.

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Inclusive & Accessible Event Planning

This service provides step-by-step guidance, expert insights, comprehensive toolkits, & tailored recommendations for organizing an inclusive, accessible, & engaging event.

Our goal is for all places of work or study to be places where all of a person’s identities are affirmed, valued, & celebrated. This takes work. We invite you to explore the possibilities of your DEI journey by scheduling a free consultation with us to learn how we can help your employees or students—& consequently your organization—thrive.

"Christa Rose and Kris Berg are two of the most thoughtful and passionate social impact leaders I've had the pleasure of collaborating with. Their commitment to equity and justice has enabled social change across our state and fostered a wide community of young advocates and co-conspirators. Their community centered approach makes me proud of the work we've done together, and I trust with the services offered by Rose & Berg Consulting that transformative change exists ahead for all of us."

Lyv Norris,

Public Health Professional & Advocate

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