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About Us

Our Mission

Rose & Berg Consulting’s mission is to support businesses, non-profit organizations, & academic institutions in their efforts to create inclusive cultures & dismantle systemic barriers. 


Our Approach


We utilize a comprehensive, intersectional, & multifaceted approach to address the complex challenges organizations face. Our work focuses on systemic level strategizing because that is often the level at which inequities reside. 


We understand that one size does not fit all & work in close collaboration with our clients to create impactful change based on their unique needs.

In the vast landscape of DEI topics, we're committed to offering you the most effective solutions. To achieve this, we're open to bringing in or referring you to other trusted consultants with specialized expertise when needed. 

A black and white photo of Christa Rose holding a rainbow Pride flag that is in color.

Christa Rose, DEI Strategist & Consultant


Christa is a neuroscience researcher, DEI strategist & consultant, & creator of counterspaces.


As a DEI strategist & consultant, Christa has worked extensively with higher education administrators to improve their institutional climate, resources, & policies to better support LGBTQ+, BIPOC, disabled, first-generation, & low-income folks.

Christa draws from both evidence-based research & her lived experiences as a Latinx, queer, gender non-conforming woman to help create identity-affirming spaces & drive meaningful change.

Christa holds a BA in Neurobiology & MS in Biology from Boston University. C is the Lab Manager for BU's Laboratory of Comparative Cognition & is interested in researching innovative, accessible, & decolonial solutions that improve mental health.

Kris Berg, DEI Strategist & Consultant

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Kris is an activist-scholar, dedicated violence prevention advocate, & DEI consultant. Kris’s profound passion lies in creating equitable & accessible programming, advocating for institutional policy change, & providing essential mental health resources to those in need.


Kris's primary focus is to compassionately engage & support populations who experience marginalization & oppression, including youth, LGBTQ+ individuals (with a particular emphasis on TGNCI individuals), BIPOC communities, survivors of interpersonal violence, low-income individuals, people with disabilities, & all those who exist at the intersections.


Over the past five years, Kris has actively contributed to numerous DEI-focused organizations, including GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders, Fenway Health, & Boston University’s Task Force on LGBTQIA+ Students.


Kris holds a BA in Psychology from Boston University & is currently pursuing Master's degrees in Public Health & Clinical Social Work, specializing in Trauma & Violence.

A black and white photo of Kris Berg.
"Christa Rose and Kris Berg are two of the most thoughtful and passionate social impact leaders I've had the pleasure of collaborating with. Their commitment to equity and justice has enabled social change across our state and fostered a wide community of young advocates and co-conspirators. Their community centered approach makes me proud of the work we've done together, and I trust with the services offered by Rose & Berg Consulting that transformative change exists ahead for all of us."

Lyv Norris,

Public Health Professional & Advocate

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